Feng Shui and Animals

Have you ever been curious as to why your cat or dog insists on sitting, laying, or sleeping in a certain or what seems to be a strange part of your home? Feng shui is yet another way to help explain why your pets choose the places they do.
There are two ways to describe the instinctual differences between cats and dogs. Cats by nature are what we call “ray seekers”, or go to the most negative parts of a home, and dogs by nature are what we call “ray fleers or avoiders”, meaning they are attracted to the most positive parts of a home.

What is it that classifies an area as negative you might wonder. Well, a negative area, also known as a disturbance zone, includes:

  • Anyplace electrical devices are plugged in (also known as electromagnetic frequencies)
  • Where microwaves are located (cats are often found on kitchen counters for this very reason),
  • A room, bed, or couch where someone has been sick or ill
  • Where there are hidden electrical wires
  • Where ever there is concealed synthetic insulation
  • In older buildings or homes that still contains asbestos or remnants of it


The effects from living or sleeping in such negative areas can include, (to name a few, as new research is continually being conducted):

  • Allergies
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Cancer

It is believed that cats seek out the negative areas because they can detect these disturbance zones biologically. They absorb the negative energy whether it is from electric sources, radiation, sickness, disease, or pain, to help shield others from its harmful effects. When a cat rubs up against a certain part of your body you should take notice, because often times they are picking up on an “energy disturbance” or undetected ailment.

Dogs are also capable of this biological honing device. However, unlike cats, they don’t absorb the “rays” or negative energy. In a sense, they recycle it. The negative energy is absorbed through them, transformed, and then sent out as positive. Cats on the other hand, hold the negative energy and end up having to clean themselves often.
We can learn so much through observing our pets behavior in our environments and through this observation, maintain our health. It has been clinically proven that spending time with animals greatly decreases blood pressure, stress levels, and aids in healing and transforming negative thought patterns, which is my belief, are the seeds of all sickness and “dis-ease.”

Animals are an amazing, if not necessary part of positive feng shui for any home. Their unconditional love, their natural healing abilities, and their vulnerability, allow us to learn from them and grow within ourselves. I know for me, having my little Jack Russell, Trout, has drastically changed my living experience in New York City. With the lack of outdoor space in this concrete jungle, he has really become my own personal piece of nature. So, go now and kiss your kitty, or pat your puppy and if you have a goldfish, a high five will do!

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